4 Best Tips on Working Smarter, Not Harder

The harder you work, the less energy and less focus you will have for important things.

Work smart and you will achieve more.

Here are the best four tips to help you work smart and get ahead in your game!

1. Plan Your Week Ahead.

Nothing planned, nothing gained. I do my week schedule on a Sunday night to give my brain the time to process and find ways to accomplish my week’s work while I sleep. I glance at my plans for the day ahead the night before.

If you cannot project your work load and tasks ahead of time, you will tend to miss your target and goals.

Before a basketball team wins the coveted championship, they plan, prepare and train before the game. This is the best strategy to ensure win and achieve more in the work week.

Athletes are spending a lot of time preparing and training for their games. Plan your week effectively the way the athletes discipline themselves for success.

Importance of planning your day:

  • It narrows down your priorities.
  • It gives you a better view of how your week is going.
  • You give value to your time.

Make an effective strategy on how to plan your day the night before and follow it. Adjust it only when there is an unexpected, important task that came up.

2. Spend Less Time on Emails.

I have learned from a coach that checking emails eat away our most precious time.

If you value your time, you will look at how much time you spend in reading and answering to emails alone.

It has been said that the way you check email is making you less productive. Unproductivity is not smart at all.

Set a day to do this task, morning is better, because you can qualify the most important emails that require your immediate attention, first. Do this fast. If you have to come back to an email, you have the time in the day to process it and respond appropriately.

Entrepreneurs have more power to control on managing and responding to emails.

If you are an employee, you can find a way to deal with emails according to your work schedule.

Monday would be the busiest day in the work week after the weekend break. It would be smart to quickly check emails on Sunday night to have an overview of the upcoming tasks.

3. Saying No.

How to be smart at work?

  • Manage what you do in time.
  • Delegate work to your team, if you have. This is a silent way of saying NO to the things that don’t really require your time.

How to have more time in a day? Say NO to unproductive things and mean it.

If you are unproductive, you are not moving forward at work. DO high income activities.

Ways to improve productivity at work:

  • Come early for work.
  • Time yourself for each task.
  • Enhance your skill to work efficiently and fast.
  • Avoid making unnecessary conversations.
  • Stay away from social media.
  • If you need not to be disturb, put a sign at your desk visible to your co-workers so they will know you need to focus.

How to say no to extra work? Be polite in saying that you have a lot things on your plate. It is crucial to have a summary of what you have to do that you can easily retrieve and show when extra work arrives at your desk.

Learn the art of saying no. It is a skill that you have to practice, it gets easier to say it naturally as you practice it more.

High income activities bring revenue and growth to company. If you are focused on taking works like these, you will attract more of it. Say yes to more business and productive tasks.

4. The Power of Taking Breaks.

When you discover the power of taking breaks at work, it will make you happier, more focused and more productive regardless of your workplace set up.

When you prioritize taking a break at work, these things happen:

  • It keeps you from getting bored
  • You will gain more focus.
  • You will come back to your tasks refreshed.
  • Your body will thank you.
  • It creates connections.

Taking a break from working on specific task is making a space in your mind for creativity.

Break is a brief interruption. Brainstorm break ideas that suits your schedule.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Read a non-work book
  • Listen to music
  • Look at admirable pictures or travel photos to let your mind wander.
  • Talk to a co-worker positively – no gossip.

Breaks are essential to your well-being at workplace. Pay attention to your break time.

Good companies provide a place for leisure at work, it is worth considering joining a company who promotes the welfare of employees.

Remember – Time is Limited.

Time is the scarcest resource we have, only when it is wasted. Once time is gone, it is gone forever.

Time is the most important resource you don’t have a control over, but you can control what you do in time.

Make the most of your time at work, the sooner you do things, the sooner you can relax and reset your mind. Do not procrastinate. Know when you are procrastinating and break it before creeps in you.

Procrastination is taking away your productivity at work. It is the root cause of not doing things when there is still enough time to do it.

Get smart by eliminating procrastination to take consistent action.

Aim to work at smart and value your time! If you don’t value your own time, don’t expect people to value your time.

Lunch break is an opportunity to replenish yourself. Take a quick and healthy lunches for work to give you some time to freshen up. Don’t spend your lunch time on gossiping with co-workers.

It is best to pack your lunch the night before or in the morning. Thinking and looking for a place to get lunch every day takes time and energy. Saving your lunch time and energy is a smart thing to do!

In your limited time at work, working smarter is the way to succeed in accomplishing your goals – faster.

“Those who work hard, work alone. Those who work smart, work as a team.” ― Utibe Samuel Mbom

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