Benefits of Owning Less Stuff – More Happiness

Less stuff equals more happiness. The less clutter you manage, the more space you gain.

When you accumulate more stuff, you have more things to organize and think about long-term. It fills up your mind unconsciously by seeing them in your daily environment.

Cultivated Environment

When I designed my environment with the things that I only needed, my space looks bigger and feels lighter.

One my visitors at home said one day that my house is organized which she also would like to see in here house. It created a positive impact in my social environment.

Our environment can make or break us. The sooner you can cultivate your environment, the sooner you will attract the right things into your life.

The importance our environment is as important as our well-being. A goldfish depends on its environment to survive. This is the same for human beings. The more junk things we put in, the more junk will come out.

With less things, house cleaning made easy and it will never feel a burden at all. If you only allow the things that you value the most to take up space in your environment, the more meaningful your life can become.

Living with less stuff would be the best way to get organized and live comfortably in your own cultivated space.

More Money

When you live with less of the material things, you can save more money and spend it on things that you really need.

When you are shopping, practice to stop before buying, think before making a purchase or just come back to it the next day. This strategy will give you some time to assess if you really need to buy it.

People who are living a minimalist life own the nicest things because they have the money saved for it, rather buying things on an impulse and validation.

You are not your things. Material stuff doesn’t make up who you are.

The euphoria of people buying a new car will subside and fade away. This is why happiness on accumulating things don’t last.

Live mindfully so you can spend your money wisely. This is also the reason why minimalist people can live in luxury and becoming rich while spending less.

Money gives us freedom to do, buy and give the things we want. So money is the tool to let you do more of what makes you happy and let you travel freely. When you have more money, you can do more with it.

If money is freedom for you then it is time to buy things on purpose, not by impulse.

You Know What You Value the Most

We are not our material things, but it reflects who we are. What you see on the outside of you is the result of what is going on inside of you most of the time.

What do you think of a house that is messy, and a house that is organized and clean? You will immediately have an insight of the habits and behavior of the people living in it.

Whatever you display in your house show its value. All the physical stuff you allow in your spaces are your choices and you picked them for a reason.

The more value you put on what you own, the more you can appreciate your life overall. Whenever you look at your space, your sense of awareness of living with intention increases because everything around you has meaning and value.

Your brain is processing a lot of information every day, it filters and file everything you see unconsciously. Your visual surroundings are programmed in your brain everyday.

Be mindful of how you live.

Easy to Clean, Easy to See

Every thing has its own place.

All the things that you accumulate in your lifetime will pile up and take up your energy if not organized sooner. You will end up feeling exhausted just by looking at things left unsorted because it takes your mental energy.

With less stuff, the house is easy to clean and easy to see as it is. Every piece you own has energy and it is vibrating. Imagine living in a space that inspires you to live your best every day.

With the extra money you have, you can hire a helper to get things sorted and cleaned up in your environment immediately. This will free up your time to do the things that matter to you the most.

I heard a story from my coach before that a businessman will clean up his garage to bring in new business, and it works for him every time. See, a clean space can bring in money plus the fact that you get to live in a clean space is a relief.

When you wake up to clutter-free space, you will have more energy and the clear mind to think better.

Another benefit of living with less stuff is that your mind has a space to figure out how to know what you are good at if you want to make significant changes. Money is in the equation here.


The great benefit of owning less stuff ultimately is happiness. Happiness is freedom.

You will be happy with what you have because you only purchase things not to fill a void, but with the freedom of living on a purpose.

Don’t keep up with the Joneses, it will make you keep on chasing things after things to validate yourself with the things you own where happiness is only temporary. This way of living is empty.

Build an environment that inspires you and build experiences with memories that lasts.

Detachment from material possessions will make you happy and feel grounded. Give away the things you don’t need and fill your space only that matters to you.

Remove the things that brings you back to the unhappy past and don’t inspire you anymore.

Excess of material things will wear you off long-term. Research suggests that materialistic people are less happy than those who live with less stuff.

Owning less stuff doesn’t mean depriving yourself. It just makes your life better with nice things that add value to your cultivated life.

“The first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don’t.” ― Joshua Becker

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