How Do I Become An Affiliate Marketer? Take The First Step

How to become an online affiliate marketer?

The first step is to make a decision to become an affiliate marketer, then you can begin.

Once you have made the decision, the path opens up for you. Here are the steps.

1. Join a Marketing Network.

Before I ventured into the online affiliate marketing business, I was doing a lot of research on how to go about it. I had reached out to a few people who were having a successful writing online.

After several months, I came across an online thread where a guest suggested to another guest to try joining Wealthy Affiliate. On the same day, I researched about Wealthy Affiliate and landed on their website where I joined shortly afterwards. This was an informed decision.

It is important to surround yourself with people who have already done what you are thinking of doing for the first time.

Wealthy Affiliate has great tools and resources to help anyone succeed in the online marketing business.

There is a lot of work and behind the scenes in every success in the online business.

Wealthy Affiliate is considered the top affiliate marketing program out there because they have an amazing platform with the step by step training to guide any beginner who wants to become a successful affiliate marketer online with the help of a very supportive and positive online community.

Is Wealthy Affiliate real or a scam? This is probably a question in your mind. Wealthy Affiliate is a real and successful business with real people in their community, and one of the best affiliate network programs today.

The free affiliate networks may be helpful to get you far if you get into the right one.

By far, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the affiliate marketing programs that is proven to work. It is a smart investment to get into their membership program for free to help you started.

2. Choose The Best Affiliate Niche.

A market niche is a narrowed down specialization in any business or services.

Choose an affiliate niche that you know you can write about. It will be the best affiliate niche for you because it is your passion and you have an in depth knowledge about it.

Writing is a part of affiliate marketing business, if you are not truly passionate about the product and articles in your niche, overtime your enthusiasm to keep going will drop and not last for long.

Select a niche that you know well and can write about in long term. If you explore other niches in the future, by then you will have more experience to venture out.

If you are still having difficulty in selecting, brainstorm niche ideas and select from top three in your list. It is helpful to ask yourself which niche is your passion and the best you can write about.

You will help your readers with the quality of articles your write and promote. The more you know about the products, the more you can help your readers in making an informed decision.

3. How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business.

This is a common question to get started.

  • It is essential to decide on the name for your niche.
  • If you want to be in the online marketing business, you will need an address for your business on the internet. It is to register a domain.
  • You can choose a domain name that is SEO keyword rich. This strategy will help get your website being indexed on Google in a short period of time, like a few days.

Once Google found your website, it is a great, first achievement for your online business.

You can build a website as you build your business online. Do this in your pace, this is not a race. Be patient with yourself and on the process.

Regular writing will give you a confidence boost and your momentum to keep you going. Writing gets easier by practice and repetition.

5. Join Affiliate Programs.

There are hundreds to choose from and easy affiliate programs you can on the internet these days.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of them. Once you are in, you become an affiliate automatically which you can start to promote as soon as you join the free starter membership.

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Research about the affiliate programs that relevant to your niche who are credible in a sense that they are in affiliate networks.

Review the payment system and commission you can get from these programs once you have made a sale by promoting them in your niche website.

Consider choosing the programs that are aligned to your values also because you will write about it and be promoting it to your readers. The more value you give to the product you promote, the more value you can give to your readers.

If you are keen to find best free affiliate program, look for reviews and what other marketers are saying about it. In this way, you can weigh which is the most relevant and appropriate in your niche.

How to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners? One of the keys is to write a keyword rich content article about the product and advertise the products you are promoting.

There are affiliate marketers who are promoting products through Google Ads and Bing Ads. Just be strategic on spending on ads.


Affiliate Marketing is a Business. Any successful business has a proven marketing strategy in place, especially now with the modern age, they are reaching out to customers through the internet.

These businesses need online marketers to help them get their products sold and they are always improving their ways to reach out to their customers online.

This is where affiliate marketing comes in, where there are passionate people who are seriously promoting products and services they believed in.

In order to succeed in the affiliate marketing, treat affiliate marketing as a business first and foremost, have the mindset of an entrepreneur. It is essential to think right, be informed and get organized.

When you think of affiliate marketing as a business, you will have to overcome procrastination and hesitation to keep moving forward even when you come across obstacles and face struggle. Keep moving forward.

See yourself as a business owner of an affiliate marketing business to have the continued motivation to bring your online business to success.

It is recommended that you learn more about entrepreneurship and read about online marketing strategies to equip and help you succeed in the affiliate marketing business.

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