How Do You Attract Opportunity Into Your Life – Focus On What You Want

How do you attract opportunity into your life? Focus on it. You will need to decide and be deliberate on what kind of opportunity you want to attract into your life. Be specific about it. You will attract into your life whatever you give your focus and energy to.

1. Decide On What You Do Want.

The moment you made a decision on the opportunity you want to bring into your life, you will attract it.

Have you ever noticed your life changes to the direction you are focusing on most of the time?

Becoming laser focus on what you DO want, it brings in the attractive forces that will gravitate the people, event, circumstances and resources to you that you will need to position you in the opportunity you are seeking for.

Making a decision to get want you want elevates your awareness to become a higher version of yourself. Your brain receives the signal that this opportunity you are seeking to attract is important to you and it will help you bring it to your reality. You will realize your focus and attention are activated once you have made a decision.

Abundant flow of resources will naturally come to you to attract opportunities.

2. Become An Attractive Person.

Opportunities are something you attract naturally by becoming an attractive person.

This takes much more on developing your inner self. The key is to raise your energy by becoming an enthusiastic, appreciative and abundant person to attract good opportunities into your life. Take care of yourself and carry yourself well.

Here are a few tips to help you become an attractive person.

  • Listen. Laugh. Smile. There’s something attractive about people who have pleasant personalities. Good opportunities naturally come to those who are on the good and positive things in life.
  • Self-discipline is attractive. The discipline to guard your thoughts, follow a routine and completing tasks are self-discipline. You know when to say no to the things that are not beneficial to the opportunities you want to attract. Be in alignment with it.

The very attractive people know how things work in their favor by continuously improving themselves to become the attractive being they want to be. They do it naturally with confidence.

The most attractive personality traits can be narrowed to people who exude these traits:

  1. Optimistic people tend to be more successful, mentally and physically healthy, and have a healthy social network because of the way they view life in general.
  2. Kind people are perceived as being more attractive with the empathy they have towards others and environment.
  3. Confident people tend to be the most attractive trait above the two which is a self-assurance from one’s ability to do things effectively. Confidence is something anyone can attain and put into practice.

3. Become More Intentional.

Set a bold intention for the opportunity you want to attract. Become more intentional every day and consistent about it. Align your thoughts and action to this opportunity.

Few helpful tips to become more intentional and one with opportunity:

  • Write it down and set a date on when you want to have it in your life. If you didn’t get it on that day, set a new date until you get it. This is a way to make your brain get laser-focused on your goal.
  • See yourself receiving this opportunity every day. Use your imagination. Research suggests that the brain cannot differentiate what is real and what is being imagined.
  • Pay attention to your thoughts and don’t let negative thoughts talk you out of this opportunity.
  • Take action once you received information or things that you know will lead you to the opportunity.

If you really want something new to come into your life, you must really intend it. There is no other way that it will eventually come to you.

4. Talk About What You Do Want.

It is important that what you talk, think and act are all in harmony. You can’t say you want this and yet you are doing and talking about things that are out of sync with your goal.

Many people think of what they DON’T WANT instead what they DO WANT. Remember, what you focus expands. The more you think about the things that you don’t want, it will keep appearing back into your life, and don’t be surprised.

Train yourself to only talk about the opportunity you want and forget about the things that you think might hinder you to get this opportunity. If you find yourself in disbelief that it is impossible for you to get it, start telling yourself that you deserve and worthy to have it.

Talk to the people you trust that you have intended to attract this opportunity. You will never know where this opportunity will come from when your intention is out there. The energy you have emitted just by saying it attracts the same level of the energy that created it.

Key things to help you:

  • Talk to yourself when you are alone and in a place where you will not be disturbed. When you have a conversation with yourself, it gives your mind the clarity you need.
  • Pay attention to what you say every time that you only talk about positively about the opportunity. Drop the negative thoughts or challenge it in your mind to help you believe that you can achieve it.

5. Expect Opportunity With Certainty.

This is like placing an order when you go shopping or order a take-out food. You are certain that you will get it after you have made the payment. This same principle applies to the opportunity you want.

Once you have set a bold intention that you want the opportunity, your mind and thoughts become aligned to it, and you take action to the things leading you to it, you can definitely expect opportunity to come your way with certainty.

Expect it as if you already have it. Trust comes with expectation. When you trust and believe that it is possible for you, you expect it.

If you have difficulty making your mind expect what you have not seen in your physical world yet, saying positive affirmations to yourself will help you believe that you can achieve it.

You can create your affirmations that are focused on the opportunity.

Here are some simple ways to make your self-affirmation work effectively.

  • Write an affirmation on a small card or type it on your phone where you can see and access it easily.
  • Read your affirmation out to yourself before you start your day. Say it and feel it, this is the key to make affirmations work.
  • You can do this exercise for at least 30 days to help impress it in your subconscious mind.

If you believe that you can attract it, so it will be.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” ~ Thomas A. Edison

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