How to be Happy Being Single – Mindset

Being single is liberating if you know how to use this time to become the best version of yourself, and ultimately do what makes you happy.

But, how to be really happy being single when the world around you is showing that being married, having kids, or just being in a relationship seems better, even just on the outside?

Work on getting your mindset right about being happy as a single person. It is a blessing and you can be happy no matter how other people view your single hood.

Treat Yourself

Accepting being single at this time of your life is a decision.

Treat yourself kindly, love and validate yourself. If you just got out of a relationship, tell yourself that you can be happy again regardless of your status.

Be intentional to make your life happy every day by filling your environment with inspirational things, nourishing food and anything that uplifts your soul. The environment you’re living in has a powerful effect on your well-being.

Married couples don’t have the luxury to control their time without checking with their spouse or children’s activity first. Their lives are interconnected, unlike you right now where you can choose what to eat, where to go, what movies to watch, which friends you want hang out with and a lot more.

It is time to treat yourself with freedom to do anything at your pace and time. Time is a gift and time is your life. Use it well while you’re single. You can’t go back to this moment!

You can find time to be yourself without having to explain to anyone. What you have now is gift of freedom.


It’s the best time to expand your network and connect with like-minded people to help you grow as an individual.

Find people who are single and happy. Join a like-minded community where you can do activities that you always wanted to do.

Get to meet people by going out more like having breakfast in a coffee shop or having brunch in a new restaurant that you like. Get out there and make use of this time to be socially active to your benefit.

When you network with people with similar interests, you will surround yourself with people who inspire you and encourage you.

The network you join must be aligned to your interests and values. Don’t connect with people for the sake of connecting, it’s meaningless and a waste of your time. Do something meaningful with people you hang out with.

It’s also the time to reach out to others and volunteer. Help people and as you help yourself to be happy.

Human beings love to connect. Making real connections are in the core of each one of us.

More Time

Time is life. When you spend your time, you are spending your life.

You’re single and you’re reading this. You’re spending your life reading this and make use of your time for your happiness.

Plan your week on Sunday night or before the new week comes. Make it a point that you only spend your time on things that are important and connected to your life. Don’t waste any moment.

Plan your day on how you want it to run. It may not go as planned, but at least you gave it a direction.

Block a time in your calendar to connect with your loved ones often. When you plan it, you set your intention. Your life can be a blessing to others.

People will remember how you made them feel, not on what you said to them. People connect more with emotions. The feeling of belongingness is craved by every human being. We are born to be connected with people by nature.

Time passes quickly if you waste it. The more time you have, the more you can get a chance to live a meaningful life.

Do something creative every day or get creative enough on planning what to do with your time each day.


You have the freedom to make a choice for every decision you make and how you steer you life. Your freedom to spend your life however you want is a gift. Married people don’t have the time freedom you have.

Single people can focus more on creating a financially-free life, if you’re not there yet. You can choose how and where your money go, and gaing full control over your money.

Don’t let money control you. Single people in my opinion has the best option to go after the things they want as long as they want in a sustainable way.

Anyone who has achieved financial freedom is no longer controlled by money and it has freed them from having to worry about money at all.

There are many relationships and marriages who are financially challenged by growing expenses. Single people have the freedom to make financial decisions on their own.

Money is a tool for freedom. Before you even get into a new relationship or thinking of getting married in the future, it would be best to get your finances in order. Many relationships have been ruined by financial difficulties.

You have the freedom now to create a financially-free life.


Don’t make yourself be bothered by other people’s opinion about single people. It’s their mindset, not yours.

Build a mindset that will sustain your happiness. Look in the mirror every day and smile at you! By smiling, you will increase your level of happiness. Make it a habit to smile at yourself, this is self-care.

Happiness comes from within. Your mindset is so important to help you live a happy, single life.

People are naturally attracted to happy people. If you have a mind that looks for happiness and practice happiness, you’ll naturally attract similar people into your life.

Affirm yourself with positive affirmations in the morning. Say it like you mean it.

Surround yourself with positivity. Balance the negative and the positive in your life. Good and bad things exist, it’s your choice to see the beauty over the ugly side of things.

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