How To Be Likable and Make Friends – Naturally

People who likes engaging with people are likable and they gave the first impression of being friendly and trustworthy. How can you become like them, naturally?

There are top 4 skills you can start doing now to help you become likable or more likable as you already are.

1. The first step to a million-dollar personality – Be the first one to smile!

Whenever I go for a morning jog, I wave and greet at people by saying, “good morning“. They always return the greetings with a smile and a wave!

Be the first to get in the “smiling-mode”. Don’t wait for anyone to greet you first, initiate the glance, then smile when you make a brief eye contact!

Exercising increase energy and give a mood-boost especially in a morning routine. If you want to get started, go out for a walk or a short run in the morning. Most likely you will see people taking their morning run, too. Look at them and smile.

Be impressed with a smile and not the other way around. Say “wow” and validate what the other person is saying. Be down-to-earth.

Say something nice today with a pleasant face to anyone you meet, in your home, workplace or in the street.

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2. Be enthusiastic.

Why enthusiasm is important? Enthusiasm raises your own energy and it does affect the people you come in contact with.

People like to be around with people who are active, encouraging and positive. The energy that enthusiastic people exudes is a good vibration.

When conversing with other people, talk about what they want and encourage them to talk about themselves more without being pushy.

Enthusiastic people are best liked for their energetic interest in a particular subject or activity. They gravitate like-minded people towards them without effort. Like attracts like.

If you don’t show enthusiasm, how can you make people look at you with energy?

How to influence people and make friends?

  • Show enthusiasm in getting to know people
  • Raise your own energy in any conversation or activity you are participating in
  • Say something nice to the other person

3. Actively listen – show interest

How to be interested in other people? Actively listen and pay attention to them. Let the other person do the talking.

People in general like to talk about themselves. Go to other side by listening and don’t do the talking.

People like to be heard and understood. So, give them what they want. People will eventually show fondness at you, even you didn’t even talk at all!

Ask light questions when the situation calls for it.

People who come from a different culture, background and religion than yours have different views. It is important that you understand the power of an open mind.

If you read about the power of an open mind, you will understand that judging people must be set aside if you want to be liked and win friends. In any conversation and meet up, listen to people with an open mind.

Nobody wants to be judged. When people felt they are heard, their invisible barrier breaks down.

Pay attention to what makes a person feel important, then make an effort do it to the person within your capacity. In making friends, you show that you care for and listen to them.

Never cut a person talking in mid-sentence. Learn to practice the social skills in any conversation.

4. Be genuine – show yourself.

Show humility and vulnerability over time. Genuine people like to be around with people like them.

If you are authentic, people can see your values. Trustworthy people are respected. Nobody wants to hang around with fake people who lie over and over again.

People like real stories. Be open to be known if you want to foster deep and meaningful friendships. Don’t build a wall in your life and let people see the real you.

Connect with sincerity. Cultivate relationship with people from the first meeting.

If you are in a romantic relationship that needs fixing, make your significant other feel important with your genuine effort to resolve the issues.

Humble people encourage others to talk more rather than themselves. They don’t put themselves on a pedestal, that’s why people like and follow them.

Show the real you and don’t try to impress, rather show that you are impressed. Who would want to hang out with arrogant people? I think no one wants that.

Be the one who encourages and lift the spirit of others. The more you show yourself, the more you invite real people into your life.

Authenticity is the freedom to live freely as openly as you are.
How to be genuine?

  • Talk with sincerity of heart and don’t make things up
  • Be honest with your feelings
  • Don’t try to impress

Don’t pursue anyone when you don’t actually want and mean it. You’ll end hurting yourself for the sake of being around with people.


Before you can be liked and attract better and new relationships, you must start working on your yourself first by practicing these skills we just covered. You must become the person you want to meet.

How can you be liked if you don’t even like yourself? How can you give a smile if you don’t even smile at yourself?

People can see what you actually feel, you may be able to cover it in the beginning but time will come that it will show up.

Begin now cultivating and practicing these skills. Start with one and don’t overwhelm yourself. After all, the point is to be seen natural as possible. Likability is something you don’t force to happen.

Make it a habit to look in the mirror when you wake up and smile at yourself for the next 30 days. This will feel more natural as you do it often.

People can see that you are a friendly person when you become a smiling person. Smile is an ice-breaker!

The more you practice these skills, the easier it will be for you to be liked naturally.

“We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.” – Mother Teresa

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