How to Build Self-Reliance? Trust Your Inner Self.

Merriam Webster defines self-reliance simply as ‘reliance on one’s own efforts and abilities’.

At one point or another in our lives, we have had help and asked for it when we needed it most.

There’s nothing wrong from time to time that we ask for support when we really need it. This is a good foundation that you can build upon to create self-reliance.

You can use this guide as a tool to help you build self-reliance.

Knowing yourself very well and understanding your needs are essential.

Live Your Values.

Do you live your values? What you say often that matters to you are the ones driving you to live your life. These are your core values in life.

Make an effort to understand who your core values. Say no to the things that are not aligned to your core values.

You will gain confidence in yourself when you live in this awareness. This is also a way to cultivate your environment by design according to how you intended it to be.

When you know yourself, it will give you a deeper understanding why it’s important to have the right values that you must live by.

Our core values is like an engine that fuel us to live according to how we think we can and enrich flow of purpose in our lifetime.

Live with values and avoid compromising it just to get by.


Living differently, but responsibly, than what is popular around you to stand out being you, is truly being a rock star.

What causes people to conform? In a greater sense, the feeling of belongingness, seeking acceptance and approval from others play a part in conformity.

When we conform, we follow a created path that does not necessarily lead to our own path.

Conformity actually doesn’t give us the liberty to get creative because deep inside this is not who we are, it is what the world is dictating us to live if we allow them to overshadow us and dictate our growth.

Nonconformity is seeking out expression and voice within. It makes you stand out among the crowd.

This doesn’t mean an easy path to take when you had lived your life conforming to other people’s standard.

People who actually make a positive difference in the world are the nonconformists who dared to think differently and do something that is beyond of what the other people think is possible. These creators are changing the world to improve the lives of many.

Dare to be different with courage. It will increase your belief in your own capabilities to make it on your own.

Nonconformity is embracing yourself for who you truly are. Listen to your voice, your soul, your intuition.

Become Decisive.

How to become decisive? Practice making informed decision in a short period of time. This can start from small things.

Repetition is essential to success and this applies to decision-making. The often you make decisions, the greater the confidence and trust you will have in abilities.

It gives your brain a reference of success the next time you will have to make life changing decisions. .

Our brain scans and gathered all information, then present all of it to us. When we have evidences of our success, our skills in making decisions improve significantly.

Should you listen to your intuition? Learning how to listen to your intuition is your guide and help within. It comes to the moment we asked and needed it.

Arriving at informed decisions come from the information you have gathered to validate the facts. In this decision-making process, our intuition steps in and we have to trust it.

Our life is where it is right now because of the decisions we had made in the past.

Every yes and no that you had said in your own will, it was your decision to take your life to a certain direction.

The food you had decided to eat, the friends that you had allowed in your life, the job you had accepted, the business you had built or you want to build, the things you spent your money on, and the list can go on.

Manage Dependence On Others.

Our success is inevitable when we involve others who are equipped to help us achieve our goals.

Dependency on others becomes negative when we let fear take over and paralyze us that we just lose faith in ourselves.

Pay attention to what kind of help you are asking for every now and then.

If you see yourself relying too much on others on these work tasks, for example, revisit your skills and find out a way to increase your knowledge about it.

If there are little things you know that you can do, and yet you ask for help every time, this will hinder your growth.

When you have the confidence and the intention to do things with your own resources and knowledge, this will lessen your tendency to rely on others.

Treat yourself as someone who can get things done. When a task is way beyond your known ability, then this is the time to consider asking for help.

Less dependency on others help you grow and succeed in any venture because you believe in your capabilities.

Trust Your Inner self.

How to trust your inner self? Through experience and practice that produced the success and effective results in your life, you will have the confidence to trust your inner self.

If you tend to look at failures more than the successes you had achieved, it hinders you to trust your inner self.

List down all your successes in the course of your life and you will realize that you have come a long way to get you to where you are right now.

The fact that you are reading this article signals that you want more improvements in your life, you are seeking more success by becoming self-reliant.

The late Steve Jobs, the co founder of Apple Computer Inc., said that “You cannot connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

You have to believe in your own capabilities and trust that you can take your life to the direction you intended it to be.

“Only a weak person needed someone else around all the time.” ― Sarah Dessen, Lock and Key

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