How to Create a Wealthy Mindset – A Life of Freedom

We live in a wealthy universe. Everything we need is here but you have summoned it through the power of your mind. Wealth buys freedom, and let’s be clear about this – wealth is important where it works.

Below are some ways to help you create a wealthy mindset and have a life of freedom you desire for your yourself and your loved ones.

Copy the Habits of the Wealthy People. 

This is on top of the list. Follow and copy the habits of the wealthy people. They have the right beliefs and behaviors in place that made them attract and generate wealth into their lives, consciously and unconsciously.

To begin with an easy approach, think of at least three wealthy people whom you can research and read about them. Find out what they do every day that you can copy. Implement what you have learned immediately and put it into practice for 30 days or more to create a habit.

Spend time researching what these three (at least) wealthy people are doing on a daily basis and get an insight to their every day life. It’s important to mirror them like acting in a Hollywood film, you have to play the part.

Have a Money Mindset.

Material wealth is directly associated to money. 

How to have a money mindset? Focus your mind on money every day, what you focus on expands. I do this for my business and personal life goals. It works.

How many times do you handle money every day? Make an effort to have a daily transaction or activities involving money. Ingrain in your subconscious mind the importance of money in your life, where money works.

Create your net worth spreadsheet and update it every day. Here are the things you can put in it. Basically, all that can be liquidated to cash.

  • Your assets – these are the things you actually own like your house, art works, gadgets, car, etc.
  • The balance in your bank savings and checking accounts.
  • The current value of the business or businesses you own.
  • The stocks you own.

Make sure to update your net worth daily. By doing this every day, your focus on money will be imprinted in your subconscious mind.

Be money-conscious. Think about this – whatever that is important to you, you keep them in your mind, don’t you? It’s the same thing for money. In order for you to build a positive relationship with money, you have to invest your time and energy in it every day. Money will love you for that and it will give you more.

Understand the Difference – Poor Mindset vs Rich Mindset.

This section is meant to explain the mindset alone.

What is the mindset of the rich?

  • Abundance. They think of supply being unlimited. Every thing they need, come to them by thinking by using their mind. Whether they attract wealth consciously or unconsciously, they do it through the power of their mind.
  • The wealthy people focus on net worth, not working income.
  • They manage fear and overcome it, then they take action toward their goals.

What is poor mindset?

  • Scarcity – this is the thinking of not having enough. Remember, what you focus on expands.
  • Poor mindset is focused on working income. This thinking limits one’s mind to expand resources and earn money through multiple sources.
  • Fear – poor mindset is letting one be stopped by fear and prevents one from doing necessary action to achieve goals. The fear is too big for them and they let fear paralyze them from taking action.

Every day you can either choose to adopt a poor mindset or level up of your thinking to having a rich mindset. Guard your mind. Let only thoughts and pictures beneficial to a wealthy mindset enter your mind.

Why do you think rich is becoming richer? Their minds are dominated by abundance thoughts. If they lose a fortune, they are able to get it back in a short period of time because they have a wealthy mindset.

The foundation of poor mindset has led people to a poor state because of the way their minds had been programmed. They think and act based on their beliefs that drive their behaviors and actions.

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Wealth is a State of Mind.

Wealth is formed through the mind. Your outer result is the product of what is going on in your mind. Whatever the state you are currently in, it began with the thoughts you think.

In order to have wealth, your mind must have wealthy beliefs in place. Your inner beliefs drive your thoughts. Your thoughts influences your feelings. Your feelings prompt your actions. Your actions created your results.

So where it all began? It started in your mind.

You can use a brain retraining program focusing on beliefs about money to rewire you subconscious mind. Influence your thoughts every day. There are many brain training audios that are backed by neuroscience and technology. If you need to reprogram your brain, do it for your future.

Your results and the things that appears in your life are the product of your thinking.

Change your thinking to wealth by upgrading your beliefs about money. If you have deep-rooted negative beliefs about money that are hard-wired in your brain, it is controlling the money you have and preventing you from attracting wealth into your life.

If you were born wealthy, you are already in the minority of having a wealthy mindset from the time you were born.

If your programming in childhood was lack and poverty, you have the power do something now to change the way you think about money. There are negative beliefs about money that have been passed down to you by your parents, teachers and friends that are imprinted in your subconscious mind.

When you began having a wealthy mindset, your outer results are aligned to abundance.

It’s Under Your Control.

It goes down to one thing, abundance thoughts are key to having a wealthy mind and a wealthy life.

Control your thoughts to create a wealthy mindset that will shape the life you desire.

“Wealth is the product of man’s capacity to think.” ~ Ayn Rand

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