How to Discover Your Purpose in Life – These Steps Will Help You

Discovering a life purpose will take some time. It’s like spending your time on things that matter to you most and nurturing it to get better at it. You have to commit and intentionally spend time every day to figure it out.

So, how to discover your purpose in life?

Step Back from Your Regular Day. Time-Out.

On top of the list is to step back from your regular day. It is stepping back from your day-to-day life and routine. The main intention here is to detach you from the things and activities that you do on a daily basis to give your brain and your self the space it needs to reflect deeply and connect with your inner self without your usual distractions.

Here are some suggestions that you can implement immediately.

  • Spend some time in nature. It gives your mind the space and opportunity to breathe and think clearly.
  • Meet with a friend or someone you haven’t spoken to for a while. Making new conversation will give you insight on different things.
  • Pamper yourself. Yes, you heard it right. By giving yourself extra attention and care will lead you to have a fresh perspective of you. It will relax your mind and body to help you become open to see things differently.

Ask Yourself – What Makes You Come Alive?

After you have taken a step back and had a time-out by yourself, your mind has now a space and ready to receive new things.

Get a journal and grab a pen before you do this exercise.

  • Take at least three deep breath to relax your body and mind. When you are relaxed, research suggests that your brain is more open to suggestions.
  • Now, you can ask yourself, what makes you come alive? Write down whatever comes down to your mind. Don’t judge the answers even you think it doesn’t make sense at this point.
  • You can do this exercise for a few days when you are in a relaxed state and free from distractions. The answers you got from the first time you did the exercise could be different in the second time.

Review your answers and organize them. The things that resonated with you the most and you feel more connected to are your guide and hint to knowing your life purpose.

Another great question to ask yourself is, what do you really, really, really want? Write this question on a blank journal every day for several days. The answer will come to you naturally. Pay attention to your intuition and gain awareness of the things coming or appearing in your day. Our deepest desire is often link to our life purpose.

Do Things That You Don’t Normally Do.

This is the step that will stretch your comfort zone. It will cause fears to come up because your brain will give signal that you are unsafe when you are doing things for the first time. You will be out of your habitual self so it is normal that you feel uncomfortable.

Don’t let your fears stop you on your journey to your purpose in life. Fears are good because it means you are stepping out of the unknown to you, at first. As you do or try different things on a consistent basis, it will be become familiar to your brain and it will stop giving you warnings.

When you do things that are not your routine, your thinking will be different and you will have a fresh view on things. When you look at and do things differently, the results that you get become different. You will discover many things about yourself and it may connect you back to your childhood at a time you were literally unstoppable and you were just going for the things you want.


  • Don’t limit yourself and be open to try new things.
  • Seek help from someone who can actually help you.
  • Stay persistent in your journey.

Take Action Daily.

Nothing will change if you don’t take action.

Once you had the lists gathered from the exercise suggested above, plan the actions you will take daily that are aligned to your lists. The actions don’t have to be big, take baby steps that suits your capacity. The key is to do the things every day that will lead you to your life purpose.

Don’t overdo yourself. Do it in your pace and make sure you feel good doing these things.

It doesn’t help if you are stressed out and overwhelmed doing these actions because it will drain your energy. The key is you are doing it with a sense of joy and fulfillment.

Some tips below in taking action to get help you get started.

  • Set an intention the night before for the action you will take the next day and write it down This will direct your brain to do the most important thing.
  • Get an accountability for the action you are going to take. You can tell a trusted friend or a family member about your quest on how to discover your purpose in life and ask one of them to check on your progress. I am sure they will be eager to give you their support.
  • Inject a little fun and creativity to your activity and don’t overthink. Researchers do know that dopamine has something to do with creativity.

While you are on a quest in finding your life purpose, lighten up and be open to new things that come your way. Pay attention around you and trust your intuition every step of the way.

Good Days Are Coming.

It can never go wrong for you in your search. Believe that good days are coming when you have finally had the answer and found your purpose in life.

With the effort and energy you are giving in seeking the answer, there is no other way but for you to find your life purpose.

Make sure that you enjoy and have fun in your journey. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Whatever comes your way, it is part of the search process.

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“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” ~ John F. Kennedy

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