How to Live a Life of Abundance – Shift Your Thinking

Abundance is not only pertaining to money alone, it’s your overall life experience. The way you feel from moment to moment create your circumstances. You have to get yourself in alignment to the abundance you desire with the cooperation of your mind.

Gratitude is Key to Abundance.

Write at least three things that you are grateful for each day in the morning. This will steer your day to a positive direction. When you are grateful, there is an abundance in your life.

If it is your first time doing this, below guide will help you to start.

  • Be grateful for things you have in your immediate surroundings, simple things like the clothes you wear, your toothbrush and toothpaste – yes basic stuff, really. You will start to feel good.
  • Commit to practice gratitude for at least 30 days and you will notice a positive shift in your life.

When you focus on things you are grateful for, things will begin to expand in your life. You will notice a shift in your thinking and your results. Opportunities will come to you. You will begin to have new circumstances through events and people appearing in your life.

Whatever you focus on, it will expand. You can choose to focus on abundance over poverty. This is under your control.

Abundant Mind.

Inspired by Proverbs in the Bible: “Be careful of what you think, your life is shaped by your thoughts.” I cannot put it better than that. Every idea is generated from the mind. Every idea has ever conceived and became a reality on our planet started from someone’s thought.

You can control your thoughts. Your thoughts direct the actions you take that are rooted in your brain’s neural pathways. If you can hold it in your mind, you can achieve anything. Our brain is powerful that it can literally take you anywhere you want to go as long you command it to do so and by having a definite desire in achieving it.

There is another part of your brain which is commonly known as your subconscious mind. This is your autopilot. If the stuff in your subconscious doesn’t align with your conscious mind, you must reset it by feeding your mind every day with abundance thoughts. If you can imagine, it is even better to picture what abundance is for your every day.

Remember, you are in the driver seat. Your mind will take you everywhere. Control it. Only allow abundance thoughts and things that are beneficial to come in your mind.

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Health in Abundance.

There is an old saying that health is wealth. What is the point of having a lot of money while your health is suffering. There has to be a harmony in the way you live.

How do you have abundance in health?

  • Get enough sleep that suits your body’s function. Sleep recharges the body and mind. When a body is rested, it feels good. Abundance comes from feeling good, in general.
  • Eat natural foods. It is recommended to include organic and fresh food in your diet. A mini garden in your house or room or even just a small space to grow a fresh produce will help you focus on taking care of your health. Fill your immediate environment with nutritious food like the items stored in your pantry and refrigerator.
  • Get fit. Exercise your body and mind daily. Incorporate physical and mental activities into your routine, it can be a minute of jumping jack, and read a page of a book if time is limited for you. When you feel good, you will naturally attract things that are aligned to the abundance you desire.

Build an Abundance Mindset.

Abundance starts with the mindset. So, how to build an abundance mindset? If you noticed, mindset has been the focus here. Human beings are the highest form of creation on earth. We have the ability to think which all other species on the planet doesn’t have.

Spend some time thinking and contemplate on the abundance you want. Gain clarity, really. Write down a definite desire. Every flight has a destination. The ship cannot sail without a captain and a destination, otherwise, it will float in the ocean and sink. If you don’t know the abundance you want, it would difficult for you to attract it into your life.

Here are a few things you can keep in mind in building an abundance mindset.

  • Feel good about the things you desire and bless it. Say to yourself when you see the things you want, “I can afford that.” It will help you feel abundant. When you see a nice car that you want, bless it and its owner.
  • Stand guard at the door of your mind. Don’t let negative news and curated posts on social media feed your subconscious mind.
  • Surround yourself with people who are living the abundant life you desire. Set an intention to find these people. Level up your vibration and energy and you will naturally be gravitated to them.
  • Be meticulous in selecting your association and the group you joined. Great minds think alike. Make sure the connection you make would make a positive impact to the abundance you seek.

Give It Away.

For everything that you desire, give it away, first. The catch here is that you cannot give what you don’t have. Here are some thoughts on this.

  • Abundance in love – spend time taking care and loving yourself first, then you can give love because you have a love to give.
  • Abundance in money – whatever your current income is, donate a percentage of it. The amount of money you give is the same amount you will get. It will come back to you in money or in different forms equivalent to cash.
  • Abundance in health – look after your health and your body will love you. Remember, health is abundance.
  • Abundance in time – all of us have 24 hours a day. Narrow down what matters to you most, then put them on the top of your priorities. You will find yourself having the abundance in time you need for these important things. It comes down to how you set your priorities right. Removes all the distractions that are not beneficial to your goal.
  • Abundance in relationships – whether it’s a platonic or romantic relationship you are craving for abundance, spend energy and time to these relationships. Overtime it will give you something back in proportion to what you had given.

Think of abundance daily, it is a habit that you can cultivate and live intentionally.

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