How To Overcome Fear in Life – Control Your Thoughts

We all have fears. Fears can be managed when you understand your fears and what triggers it to appear.

Why Do We Have Fear. 

We were programmed literally by our environment from the day we were born.

All that we hear, see and experience are contributing to develop fears in our life.

The fears of our parents, the people who raised us, our teachers and closest friends who became our immediate environment play a part in the presence of fears in our mind, consciously and unconsciously.

If you allow people to impress their own fears upon you, it will mirror back into your life. Consider reassessing your environment and the people you hang around with.

It is important to filter the information we allow to affect us. Fear becomes stronger when you allow your mind to dwell on it and consciously thinking about it.

Top 5 Most Common Fears.

There are many kinds of fears and there are fears that prevails the most.

The top 5 most common fears are considered the following:

  1. Fear of success
  2. Fear of rejection
  3. Fear of losing a loved one
  4. Fear of failure
  5. Fear of poverty

The fear of success is linked to procrastination. We tend to put things off even we know it is crucial to take us to the success we want.

We think that if we become successful than our immediate families, closest friends and even those that we don’t know very well, it will impact how they view us and associate with us.

Overcoming fear of success means overcoming procrastination in all aspect of our lives. When we procrastinate, we stopped taking action.

If you have in fear in business, the fear of success is greater. Most of us had dreamed at one point in our lives to work for ourselves, not for other else’s dreams. Conquer the fear of success by taking action at your own pace.

It doesn’t matter how small or big the step you are taking. The moment you take simple actions daily, any fear of success will become manageable.

Fear of rejection is very common that sometimes it makes us paralyze to take the first, bold step towards our goal. We tend to rationalize before we take action to whatever we want to achieve in life.

How to get over the fear of rejection? It is crucial that you understand how you see rejection. It may be directly related to your self-esteem. The way you accept rejection has a lot more to say on how you view yourself.

Fear of losing a loved one is inevitable. The best way to process it is by acceptance. Time heals all wounds. Give yourself the time you need.

In one way or another, the fear of failure may have stopped us from trying. Make continuous learning a part of your life to help you get ahead and equip yourself with the right knowledge when you decided to try again.

The fear of poverty is a mindset. The root of this is scarcity thinking. It is the fear of not having enough that hold yourself back from living in prosperity. It is primarily rooted in your beliefs about money.

Understand The Causes.

Fear is in our head. Awareness is the key to get to the bottom of fears. It has to come to the surface of our minds to be aware of it.

If you have had failures in life and are afraid to try again, remember that situations do change and you can try again.

The next time a fear comes up, ask yourself, what is causing this? If you didn’t get an answer, ask yourself many times over the next several days. Journal whatever comes up in your mind.

You can write down all your known fears and think about how it appeared in your life to understand it deeply. There might be underlying fears that will surface in this exercise.

It will need the right amount of time to heal the causes of your fears, it’s like a wound that time is on your side to heal it.

Thoughts Overcoming Fear. 

Fears are inside us, it’s in our mind.

Our unconscious and conscious thoughts drive our lives, it always prevails. Unless you decide and help yourself to overcome the fears in your head, it will continuously affect the way you live your life.

You have the power to control what comes to your mind. Guard your mind.

Another best way to help overcome fear is to impress powerful thoughts in your mind to get to the bottom of your fear.

There are many reputable coaches who are in this line of field. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and get to the bottom of the issue.

Negative news on television and internet can affect your thoughts, if you watch negative news daily, it is damaging to mental health. Fears can build up on negativity.

Don’t underestimate yourself, it will hamper your success. Talk to yourself that if anybody can do it, you can do it too.

Overcoming Fear Stories.

Fear has a story too. Overtime, fear builds upon fear. If not taken care of, it becomes stories in your life.

It is a like mental movie you created in your mind.

Change your experience related to the fear. Try acting like an actor in a Hollywood movie and see yourself overcoming these fear stories. Your imagination is powerful.

Research suggests that our brain cannot determine which one is real or imagined. Overcoming fear stories is similar to overcoming setbacks in life.

Create new thought patterns in your mind. You can start by telling yourself that you can do it and see yourself achieving it.

It takes hours of practice, like in any sport and profession, to get better at it. The more you believe in yourself that you can overcome your fears, the more impact it does in creating new stories in your life.

If you ever need a professional help for chronic and deep-rooted fears, know that help is available once you decide to act on it.

Mental health is so important as the physical health.

“True success is overcoming the fear of being unsuccessful.” ~ Paul Sweeney

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