How to Restart Your Life – Finding Yourself

Life can be tough if you don’t know where you are going. When you hit the crossroad and uncertainty kicks in, the best thing you could do is to evaluate your life.

The key point here is to find your true north.

How to do this as fast as you could? Time is of the essence here, after all it is your life. Here is a helpful guide that works.

Reset Everything.

If you are committed to change, everything that is affected must be changed.

Restarting your life affects everything. Everything is energy and all are connected. Organize everything in your life to put things where it must be sorted.

Start an inventory of the things you have to let go of. Physical things anchors us to the past. Remove those that are no longer serving your present and future life.

What you do now directs the path to where you want to be.

Pay attention to the things and people that are draining your energy and does’t make you feel happy. You cannot make a space for something new unless you make a space for it.

Your happiness and well-being matters every second of your life, reset everything if you must and start now.


This is going back to basic. Organize and simplify your life. A cluttered life is a stuffed life.

The only way to get clarity in finding yourself is having a clear mind in a simplified environment. Removing the layers that were accumulated in your lifetime bring forward what really matters to you the most.

Choose to simplify lifestyle now. It detaches us from materialism. Life becomes easier when we are detached from material accumulation that just piled up over and over.

Isn’t it nice to see and live in purposeful and organized environment? You will only allow and make space for anything that adds value into your life.

Simplifying is another way of seeing things in a new perspective. Do you wake up to an environment that uplifts you and give energy to your day?

Design your environment that is aligned to the life you want to live now. Do an inventory of your things, mental and physical.

Our environment reflects our values and self. Live a life by design. As you go, you will discover yourself more and more.

Restarting your life is a process. Be intentional of what you put into your environment.

Your Core Values.

Live with your core values. Don’t accept the deal-breakers. Don’t compromise. If you do, you will find yourself in a cycle that just repeats itself.

Remove yourself immediately from everything that are in conflict to how you want to live your life. Reset is finding what truly matters to the core of your being.

Finding yourself is rooted in what you truly want for your life, and these are core values. Do you value time? Time equates your life. When you spend time, it is your life. Say NO when you know you have to.

Overtime when you purposeful live according to your core values, what truly matters surface. The people and opportunities will naturally get your attention.

If you want to find out your core values, think about what gravitates to you the most. You’ll know this when something is naturally easy for you to do. Most often what you talk about the most is a projection of who you truly are.

Our language makes us. If you have empowering language to yourself, how do you think your brain respond to it? Our brain shows us evidence of what we tell ourselves to be that makes our reality.

Finding your core values and living it will reset your life to make you a better version of you.

Fill Yourself with Good Food.

Love yourself with food. Heal yourself with food. Good food nourishes and replenishes the body. A healthy body is a healthy you.

You need good energy every day. Good food is a source of energy that your physical body needs.

Unless you are healthy, your energy affects the way you do things every day.

Good foods heal the body. As you restart your life, you need to fill your body with the right nutrition that helps your cognitive function.

If one of your body parts is not in shape, it creates a ripple in the other parts because they are all connected. How to heal yourself with food? Only select and consume natural foods that come as close as possible directly from its source.

Fill your pantry and fridge with foods that are good for you. Imagine you are hungry in the middle of the night and you have potato chips, chocolates and sugary foods in there, do you think your will-power can win? Often times our environment win over our will-power.

The more good food you consume, the more good things will come in.

We are what we eat, think and speak about. Value good food and your body will thank you for it.

You can only be healthy to the extent you do. Fill your body with highly, nutritious foods.

Stay Away from Negativity.

Get rid of negative people in your life. Appreciate the people in your life who adds value and makes you feel more alive.

The only way to win an argument is to avoid it altogether. Argument causes friction, stress and pressure in the body.

If you want to restart your life well, remove toxic people in your life. These people are draining your energy!

Be conscious and aware of the negative thoughts when it surface on your mind. Don’t let a negative thought affect your day. Make an effort to control your mind. Negative thoughts cause disruption and fear, only if we allow them to.

Tips for dealing with difficult people in a conversation:

  • Respond, not react.
  • Find a polite way of removing yourself from a negative conversation.
  • Avoid these difficult people at all times so you won’t attract any of them in the future.

Negativity blocks good things to come into your life. If you want a reset, negative thought patterns must go.

If you can’t stop thinking negative thoughts, it is time to retrain your mind to reframe your thinking. The underlying cause of these must be addressed to reset your mind.

Finding yourself is the best achievement you can have in your present and future life.

“A sunrise is God’s way of saying, “Let’s start again.” ― Todd Stocker

Reset Your Brain, Change Your Life

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