How to Do Business with God?

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How to Do Business with God?

When it comes to building a business, many entrepreneurs seek guidance and support from various sources. Some turn to mentors or business coaches, while others rely on their own intuition and experience. However, have you ever considered partnering with a higher power? Building a business with God can provide a solid foundation and a unique perspective that can lead to success and fulfillment. In this article, we will explore the key principles of doing business with God and how they can positively impact your entrepreneurial journey.

1. Seek Guidance from Scripture

The scriptures serve as a timeless source of wisdom and guidance. By incorporating biblical principles into your business practices, you can build a strong foundation for success. Take the time to study relevant passages and reflect on how they can be applied to your business. Seek wisdom from Proverbs on topics such as integrity, diligence, and wise decision-making. Look to the teachings of Jesus on love, compassion, and servant leadership. By aligning your business practices with biblical teachings, you can create a business that is rooted in integrity and moral values.

2. Pray for Guidance and Direction

Prayer is a powerful tool that can help you connect with God and seek His guidance in your business endeavors. Take time each day to pray for wisdom, clarity, and direction. Share your hopes, dreams, and challenges with God, and ask for His guidance in making decisions. Remember that prayer is not just about asking for success or financial gain, but also about seeking alignment with God’s will for your business. As you pray, listen for God’s voice and be open to His leading. Trust that He will guide you in the right direction.

3. Trust in God’s Provision

One of the key principles of doing business with God is trusting in His provision. As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get caught up in the pursuit of wealth and success. However, when you build a business with God, you can find peace in knowing that He is your ultimate provider. Trust that God will provide for your needs and the needs of your business. This doesn’t mean that you sit back and do nothing, but rather that you work diligently and trust that God will bless your efforts. Let go of anxiety and worry, and instead, focus on being faithful and obedient in your business endeavors.

4. Practice Servant Leadership

In the world of business, leadership is often associated with power and authority. However, as a Christian entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to lead with a different mindset – one of servant leadership. Jesus taught us to serve others and to prioritize their needs above our own. By adopting a servant leadership approach, you can build a business that values and cares for its employees, customers, and community. Look for ways to serve and make a positive impact through your business. This could involve supporting charitable causes, prioritizing ethical practices, or creating a supportive work environment.

5. Surround Yourself with Like-Minded Individuals

Building a business with God is not meant to be a solitary journey. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals can provide support, encouragement, and accountability. Seek out a community of fellow Christian entrepreneurs or join a business group that aligns with your values. These connections can provide valuable insights, mentorship, and prayer support. Together, you can navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship and grow in your faith and business endeavors.


Building a business with God is an opportunity to create a business that is rooted in biblical principles and guided by a higher power. By seeking guidance from scripture, praying for direction, trusting in God’s provision, practicing servant leadership, and surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals, you can build a business that not only brings financial success but also makes a positive impact in the world. Remember, the key to building a business with God is to establish a solid rock foundation based on the scriptures. So, embrace this unique approach to entrepreneurship and watch as God’s blessings unfold in your business journey.

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