What is The Power of Gratitude – Master It

What does gratitude means?

Gratitude in its simplest description is giving thanks for the things you have and the things you are expecting to have as if you have already received it.

There is a real power in gratitude. When you master gratitude by practicing it in your daily life, you have gained the benefits from its power.

What is the power of gratitude?

In the new testament of the Bible in the Gospel of John, before Jesus Christ performs the miracle of the five barley loaves and two fish to feed about five thousand, it was recorded that Jesus took the loaves and gave thanks, first. After they had their fill, there were still fragments left over.

The power of gratitude creates a miracle and the effects of it are long-lasting.
To master the power of gratitude, there are simple ways that you can implement into your life now to see immediate changes. These steps are so basic that you can do it anywhere and at any time to your favor.

Be Grateful Everyday.

What are you grateful for the moment you wake up? 

Do you know that you have given a new page of your life every day? Life is blank canvas every day. No sunrise is the same, so as your life, there is something new every day if you really pay attention to what’s going on around you no matter how simple it may seem to you.

Whenever you wake up to a new day, that is a wonderful gift you can be grateful for.

The basic things and necessities you have daily are great blessings. Don’t take them for granted and be grateful that you have all of them.

If money has been a real issue in your life up to this point, be grateful for the money you have up to a single cent. It doesn’t matter how small or big you perceive the money you have. Remember that money is money.

You will get more of the things you are thanking for because this is how the law of nature operates. Whatever you put out there comes back to you. It doesn’t recognize whether it is bad or good, it just comes back to you. The measure you give is the measure you get back.

Saying a daily gratitude is a good practice you can adapt for anything that you want to come into your life. Make sure you do it with sincerity of heart and know that it is what you really want for the benefit of you and the others that are important to you

Daily Gratitude Affirmations.

The benefits of daily gratitude could be measure to how much you give thanks for. Affirmations are suggestions and statements to yourself, specifically to your subconscious mind.

This can be written in short form or sentences, or simply using your memory to state it loud and clear.

In the basic term, you are using words for your daily gratitude. How to use the power of words? It is by creating affirmations that are focused on gratitude every day.

Here are a couple of ways to organize your daily gratitude affirmations:

  • Group them according to where they are categorized – like your life goals, career goals, relationships, spiritual, money and wealth, health, environment, business, transportation, even gratitude for your pets. The list can go on.
  • Write and group them in colored papers or print it with text in different colors to help you identify which group they are in. Colors add much to our mood. It would be easier for you to know that, for example, color red is your relationships gratitude because red is passion.

The Hidden Power of Gratitude.

It is the energy of the gratitude that you cannot see in your physical world. The vibration of gratitude is on a high level that it meets other frequencies on the same level it is on.

If you noticed, all the powerful things in the universe are those that you cannot see with your eyes.

  • Like gravity – it is what holding every thing down on earth literally from falling. It holds us in place.
  • The wind – you know the power it has when it blows to a great extent and what it can bring to our environment.
  • Electricity – it powers up every thing that requires its supply.
  • The Laws of Nature – When you plant a seed in the right soil, it just grows. Seasons are changing in its natural order. Night always follow the day. We cannot see these laws but you just know they exists.

It is the same for the power of gratitude. The power of it is unseen in the naked eye, but it exists. Your physical reality changes the moment it’s hidden power takes effect in your life.

Make a time to look for the good things you had received and positive events occurred in the day. The power of gratitude is hidden there.

How the Power of Gratitude Transforms Your Life.

There is the law of cause and effect. Every thing that you are thanking for builds up in your life. The effect of it comes after the cause has been made.

As you go through the daily practice of gratitude, overtime the power of gratitude begins to take place in your daily life.

The things you are grateful for keeps on appearing in your reality, your life has greatly changed before you know it . The right people you meet that didn’t exist in your reality before, are just arriving in your life.

The right opportunities and events are starting to show up to you.

On top of these things, your happiness level rises. Research suggests that the happier people on the planet are the grateful people. When you are happy, it creates a ripple effect to everyone around you, it is not only transforming your life but also them.

How to Master the Power of Gratitude.

Gratitude is a state of mind. Use the power of your subconscious mind to master the power of gratitude.

It comes down to saying, thank you, every day. It programs your subconscious mind to a greater effect with the suggestions and statements you are putting out there daily.

This is linked to spiritual gratitude. We are not a just physical being, we have a spirit, a soul that just exist. When our bodies die, the part of ourselves, our soul, that have been always within us, lives. It links us to every creation on our planet.

Praise, bless and give thanks for all the things you have. The moment you have received a blessing, say thank you. Whatever you bless comes back to you.

The power of gratitude is inside of you, you are the master of it. You have the power to direct it into your life.

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