Why Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone is Good – Level Up Yourself

Comfort zone is your familiarity to everything you do in your life. You feel at ease doing something with very fewer risks. It is being in an environment that is familiar to you and where you feel safe. Your brain doesn’t give signal to you being threatened unsafe.

Your comfort zone equals your wealth or money zone. Whatever you are comfortable doing, that is equivalent and in proportion to the success and money you have.

Here are the reasons why getting move out of your comfort zone is good.

It Increases Your Level of Success.

When you upgrade yourself by trying something new and overcome your fear, it leads to small successes.

Every time you are faced to do more to become a better version of you, your level of success increases. Naturally, your knowledge and skills level up.

Don’t take small successes for granted because a big success originated from small ones. Here are a few points to help you achieve small successes.

  • For every skill you want to improve, learn one new thing to improve your skill consistently. Write what you have learned to track your progress.
  • Record your daily wins. This make you accountable to focus on what you have accomplished in a day, rather than thinking what went wrong. You are programming your brain to be success minded. Wins are successes.
  • Read daily. I guarantee that you will enrich flow of knowledge to you by reading every day. Imagine you have one additional knowledge gained from reading every day, then multiply that to 365 days. You have enriched yourself with 365 new things in a year! Isn’t it awesome?

You Raise Your Self-Confidence.

The moment you have gained familiarity to your newly acquired skill or business venture, what does it do your self-confidence? It definitely increases your confidence in your ability to do things. You have raised your bar up with your newly found self-confidence.

Here are insights on self-confidence.

  • Self-confidence is gained through completing a series of a tasks and completing your goals. You cannot gain self-confidence without moving out of what you are already conditioned to do.
  • Every new goal requires a better version of you to achieve it.
  • Every time you had achieved a goal, your self-confidence to achieve another goal increases.
  • Your brain shows you evidence of your past successes in achieving goals and this backs you up to keep your momentum going.

No matter where you are right now, you can find a way to move out of your comfort zone little by little. You don’t have to make drastic changes, do things first to your best ability. Overtime you will get better at it by doing it consistently.

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Your Money Grows.

In relation to money or wealth, you may not even realize that the higher the value you put in your work will have an effect to the money you earn.

The amount of money you have will increase overtime as you move out of your comfort zone because by upgrading yourself, it will have a positive impact to your net worth.

Your value in the market increases with the hours of practice and energy you put in any work that you do. You have made yourself a valuable person by working on yourself out of your comfort zone.

The more you get out of your comfort zone, the more you are giving yourself a chance to attract better opportunities naturally aligned to your skills level

If you want your money to increase, work on upgrading yourself first to move out from your current comfort level.

Without getting out of what you are already used to, the door to better things are remained hidden until you become the right person for it.

It Expands Your Network.

This section builds up from above where your money grows.

You will attract people that are emitting the same level of thinking and status as yours. When you are a person improving consistently, better people are naturally gravitated to you.

Like attracts like. You can only attract people who are better and continuously improving in your life by being in the same frequency as them.

Once you have moved out of your comfort zone, you will find yourself seeking for people who are on the same level or better than you are to grow and learn from them.

You will not settle for mediocrity when you yourself are on the path of growth. Only the people who had been to where you have been can give you lessons from their own experience and what made them who they are.

Networking is important to your growth. The better you get in moving out of your comfort zone, the better network of people show up in your life. You have to be ready and the right person to move to where you want to be.

Coming Out of Your Comfort Zone.

So, why getting out of your comfort zone is good?

The more you are coming out of your comfort zone, the more you will increase the success in whatever you do. Whatever you are comfortable doing, that is equivalent and in proportion to the success and wealth you have.

Some tips to help you move out of your comfort zone.

  • Take chances in life. There is no growth without taking risks. You will never know until you try.
  • Venture to a new adventure. The limits are only in your mind. Remember when you were a child? You were fearless until you heard something like – “Oh, that is not good for you, honey!” “You cannot earn money by doing that”. This kind of negative statements went to your subconscious and have a profound effect to how to view and do things.
  • Listen to your intuition, it is coming from the inner you. Do you remember a time that you feel you had to do something but to scared to try? Your brain is triggering the fear center of your brain because it cannot find evidence that you can do that. Do the thing that scares you because it means that’s where your growth starts.

If you are uncomfortable doing something unfamiliar to you for the first time, it is an indication that you are growing.

There will always be a level of uneasiness and fear when you try new things in life but you can rise above it by doing it over and over again until it becomes familiar to you like the any other habits you already have.

Then, you can do another new thing and another one that it becomes natural to you being uncomfortable. It just keep you on growing every time you put yourself out there.

“For cool things to happen, you have to get out of your comfort zone.” ~ Rony Abovitz

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