Winning The Game of Fear Product Review – Achieve Your Life Goals

Are you ready to break-free from your fears?

Learn how to apply the latest brain-based methods to uncover and overcome your hidden, unconscious fears that are keeping you from achieving your financial and life goals.

Product Name: Winning The Game of Fear

Product Sale Price: $397

Product Creator: NeuroGym

Description of Product: Overcome debilitating fears, anxieties, and stress preventing you from achieving your goals. Develop unwavering confidence and emotional mastery to handle any situation.

Description of Event: Learn how to apply the latest brain-based methods to uncover and overcome your hidden, unconscious fears that are keeping you from achieving your financial and life goals.

One of a Kind Innercise™ from NeuroGym.

How to overcome fear in life? The answer is through reprogramming your mind with a scientifically proven training program.

The NeuroGym Innercise™ audios primarily focuses on reprogramming the conscious and non conscious mind. This program alone are designed to release your fears.

NeuroGym explained that Innercise™ is a scientifically proven methodology to train and strengthen your mental and emotional skills.

When I did the training for the first time, I was resisting to continue a few days after I started. My mind was stressed and felt heavy.

I was in the NeuroGym community at the time and sharing my initial experiences with the Innercise™. It was a normal experience because the old patterns in my brain is changing.

It was kind of battle for me and I realized I have had fears that were not even in my consciousness. This program has had a profound effect that permanently changed the direction of my life after my unknown fears were released.

Dedicate 30 to 40 minutes a day for the Innercise™.

Components of the Program.

The first component is the Innercise™ daily brain training audio where you will have to listen to each level for seven (7) consecutive days. Overcoming your fear stories will happen as you progress in the training.

The Winning the Game of Fear integrates four (4) cumulative levels that build upon each other for lasting results.

You can listen to the audio with a good set of headphones or earbuds in a focused manner, not just by your ears, but listen with your emotions and take action to bring the results into your life.

The second component is the knowledge and skills video for every level. You can watch the videos more than once to get the maximum benefit from it. Repetition is the mother of skill.

The last component is the action items. Take advantage of the new learning of strategies and tactics that you can implement immediately.

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Innercise™ Brain Training Audios.

There are four main levels in the entire program.

  1. Foundation Level – these are the basic Innercise™ to prepare and relax your mind before beginning the main audios.
  2. Level 1 – Eliminating Conscious Fear
  3. Level 2 – Eliminating Fear of Success
  4. Level 3 – Eliminating Unconscious Fear of Success or Failure
  5. Level 4 – Beliefs and Habits Fear Integration

Interestingly, the fear of success is enough to paralyze us from taking action. In this program, it will help you release these fears that are preventing you from the life you have always wanted.

The thoughts overcoming fear will be integrated in your new beliefs.

There are 8 mini Innercises™ that come as a bonus when you avail this program.

Overcoming fear of success is the top most benefit you can get from the Winning the Game of Fear program in my experience.

In doing the program, don’t be alarmed when you are facing resistance as you go along. It is part of the changes that are happening as you do this.

Knowledge and Skill Videos.

To accelerate your growth, the knowledge and skill videos in the program are vital to your learning. There are four main levels also in this section.

The new knowledge and skills will bind everything together in the training.

  1. Foundation Level – Understanding Awareness
  2. Level 1 – Conscious and Unconscious Fears
  3. Level 2 – Overcoming Fear Using Visualization
  4. Level 3 – Overcoming Fear Using Tiny Habits
  5. Level 4 – Eliminating Fear and Self Doubt in 20 minutes or less

In the bonus part, you will learn how to use the mini Innercises™.

The key to reinforce the new beliefs is by taking daily action for the new habit to form. This is a process and you have to be patient with yourself.

You did not become who you are today in a short period of time. Give yourself the time you need for the changes to happen.

Expert Bonus Training.

NeuroGym included a number of training videos directly from the experts.

  • Why You Self-Sabotage and How You Can Stop It with John Assaraf
  • Protecting Your Brain from Fears, Worries and Traumas with Mark Waldman
  • Achieve Your Natural State of Happiness and Well-Being with Dr. George Pratt
  • Post-Traumatic Growth with Joan Rosenberg
  • Avoid Burnout and Beat Stress Addiction with Heidi Hanna

You will be surrounded with training from these experts that are priceless and beneficial to your progress.

The mindset of the experts will help us understand the areas in our life that are essential to our personal growth. This is a great opportunity to learn new things. NeuroGym is giving the expert training for free.

Release Your Hidden Fears.

With the help of the Winning the Game of Fear program, you will release the unconscious fears that are preventing you from achieving your biggest dreams and goals in life.

To gain maximum benefit from this program and create the life you always wanted, listen intently to the Innercises™ and take action daily.

There is a famous quote saying that “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. If you don’t see the changes you want, most likely there are fears that are stopping you which are not even in your consciousness.

It is time to change your results by doing things differently this time.

You will be amazed by the profound effect that the Winning the Game of Fear program can give you once you give yourself the opportunity and make the commitment to change.

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“Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is freedom.”

~ Marilyn Ferguson

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