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Product Name: The Complete Winning The Game Of Money Brain Training & Coaching Program

Product Sale Price: Single Payment of $1497, or  4 Easy Payments $497


Product Creator: NeuroGym

100% Guarantee: 30 Days – 100% Money Back Guarantee

Description of Product: Are you ready to eliminate any self-worth or self-image issues that may be causing you to be stuck or sabotage your success? Winning the Game of Money is the world’s first scientifically-backed, evidence-based brain imprinting program to quickly install a new “mindset of the rich” within 90 days.

Program Content Overview: Foundation Level, Levels 1 to 12, Bonus Content & A Million Dollar Success Library

This product has helped me transformed my life in all aspects with the freedom I wanted.

I can guarantee from my experience in using and applying the program, consciously and subconsciously, it is an effective resource in changing beliefs about money to achieve financial success, freedom and life goals.

The Complete Winning The Game Of Money Brain Training & Coaching Program Overview.

This six-month program is scientifically designed to help you acquire the beliefs, habits, focus and ability to set and achieve all of your financial and life goals.

NeuroGym’s proprietary brain training system begins with a life changing Innercise™ Audio followed by a powerful Knowledge and Skills Training Video that will help you develop the mental focus, skills and emotional ability to breakthrough limiting beliefs and start living your best life

Each level takes 7-21 days. It is important that you go at your own pace, embrace the journey and stay committed.

The Complete Winning The Game Of Money Brain Training & Coaching Program will equip you to change your beliefs about money, break down the mental and emotional barriers you have about money, eliminate your limiting beliefs, CHANGE your mental patterns about money, and RETRAIN your brain so you can achieve financial success.

How to change your mindset about money through this program?

Daily Innercise™ Audio.

The program will start with the foundation level to help you develop new foundational money skills. You will start activating your mindset and move away from disempowering habits.

There are 12 levels in the program and each level has an audio training and a video training. The audio training or Innercise™, is listening to the audio with focus and attention. You will do the Innercise™ for seven consecutive days. If you skip a day, it is acceptable, but if you miss it for two days, you have to make up for it.

The length of the audio varies from about 15 mins. to 45 mins. long. It is necessary listen to it with full attention, without distraction, in a comfortable position and wide awake.

The first several days that I did the Innercise™, it brought out strong emotions in me. It rises to my awareness. It meant the training was taking in effect and the neural pathways in my brain signals change.

There are coaching and community support once you are in the program through NeuroGym’s exclusive group on Facebook.

To change your thinking about money, you must change your deep-rooted beliefs about money, first. Resistance is a sign of change, it pulls you back to your old beliefs unless you stop resisting and let the change happen.

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Knowledge and Skills Video.

Each level is equipped with a knowledge and skills video to watch at least once.

The length of the video varies from approximately 14 mins. to 46 mins.

The videos were conducted by coaches necessary for each level in the program. In the videos, you will have an understanding about your money story, your relationship about money, your emotions about money and managing your emotions strategically.

The knowledge and skills video will help you prime your brain for financial success and achieve you financial goals. It builds up the audio training or Innercise™.

You can watch the video all over again, or how many times you want. You will see the video and hear it differently as you watched it several times. Repetition is the key to imprint knowledge in subconscious mind.


There is a key learning worksheet in each level. It is for you to download and complete with the action items. It is important to take action by doing the worksheet.

If you are not an action taker, this is a key learning in the program. If you already have a habit of taking action, it builds up on it. You can go at your own pace in this action-set. By doing the actions alone, gives clarity.

The key learning worksheet is a PDF-download where it can be printed or filled in electronically.


The Complete Winning The Game Of Money Brain Training & Coaching Program comes with Bonuses and a Million Dollar Success Library that really adds a great value to it. I got the bonuses at the time when I had made a single payment. The bonuses are priceless for its value.

These are the training videos, expert bonuses and surprise bonuses that will help boost your financial success. The bonus content will unlock after finishing a level. There is no hurry in finishing the bonus content, you can go at your pace.

It builds upon the success in finishing a level in the program.

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Invest in Yourself.

Invest in yourself by retraining your brain with a scientifically designed program – The Complete Winning The Game Of Money Brain Training & Coaching Program.

It will not fail if you work it. The results I have had over the years with the program were astonishing.

There were only two challenges I had faced while doing the program:

  • First, I had to find a dedicated time to do the training because of the length of the audio and video altogether, the focus and attention it needs to fully absorb its benefits, and the worksheets.
  • Second, the emotions that had surfaced as I go through the training. When it all came to my awareness, it was big to handle, at first, because my brain was building new neural pathways. I had let go of resistance and it became easier.

The Complete Winning The Game Of Money Brain Training & Coaching Program is one of the best investments I had ever made for myself. I would say it is priceless. I’ve been using the program for several years now and it’s really worth the investment.

Resistance is a sign of change and it pulls you back to your old habits. Give yourself a chance to transform your life now by retraining your brain.

Nothing will change unless you make a decision to do something different right now for your future.

“The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself.. The more you’ll learn, the more you’ll earn.” ~ Warren Buffett

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